Prince TeXtreme Beast 100 Tennis Racket


Prince TeXtreme Beast 100 Tennis Racket


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The Beast racquet range replaces the Warrior range and has improved the current TeXtreme technology. The Prince TeXtreme Beast 100 280 gram racquet will be accessible to a large number of players as it will bring a great deal of manoeuvrability and power.

Benefits for the Player : Manoeuvrability - Comfort - Power

The Prince Beast 100 racquet is provided with a 645cm² head size and will be very versatile, bringing power and accuracy. Thanks to the advanced balance (32.5cm), this racquet will enable you to hit powerful shots and put a great deal of spin on the ball without losing manoeuvrability. The beam width of 24-26-22mm will bring better stability for more power. The 16x19 string pattern will be perfect for enhancing spin as the vertical strings will quickly come back into their original position. This will allow you to push your opponent around. 


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