Head Graphene 360 Gravity S Tennis Racket


Head Graphene 360 Gravity S Tennis Racket


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The Head Graphene 360+ Gravity S tennis racquet was created to honour the Next Gen ! This generation of players inspires a new aggressive style with the goal of dominating the opponent shot after shot ! 

This Gravity racquet will respond to your needs in terms of control and tolerance. Head believes the new generation hits the ball higher on the racquet frame and this is why the Austrian company has enlarged the upper part of the frame. This will indeed extend the sweet spot and help you when it comes to centering the ball. 
This S model is equipped with a 670cm² head size in order to ensure additional tolerance and power. The 285g of weight and the 32.5cm balance offer extra manoeuvrability and will allow players to put a maximum amount of spin into their shots, while remaining very reactive.

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