Head Graphene 360+ Prestige Mid Tennis Racket


Head Graphene 360+ Prestige Mid Tennis Racket


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With roots that extend back a quarter century, the Prestige Mid has long been the gold standard of the midsize player's racket. Unlike the traditional 18x20 string pattern that defined most of this racket's history, this 2020 update continues with the 16x19 string pattern introduced with the 2014 REV Pro. This update also has a higher stiffness rating than the more muted Graphene Touch model it replaces (from 61 to 65 RA). The upshot is a a slightly crisper more modern Prestige Mid with juicier levels of spin and power. The signature technology, Graphene 360+, combines the stability and power of Graphene 360 with SpiralFibers in the lower head to improve the way the racket bends at impact. From the baseline the Prestige Mid comes around fast for the weight to deliver pinpoint accuracy. In addition to feeling solid when redirecting higher levels of pace, this stick will also give you the needed mass to drive the ball through the court.

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