Yonex Ezone Tour98 Tennis Racket


Yonex Ezone Tour98 Tennis Racket


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With the EZONE Tour, Yonex adds a heavier model to the EZONE line!  Ideal for experienced players, this 330+ gram racquet not only does a great job redirecting higher levels of pace, it will also give you the mass to drive the ball powerfully through court. For 2020 Yonex has redesigned the beam for greater stability and made the hitting area slightly wider for an even more forgiving response. New technologies include a Liner Tech system, which reduces string on frame friction for extra comfort and power. This technology also features denser string spacing in the center for control, with wider string spacing on the edges for less shock on off-center hits.  To improve frame stability and optimize the flex at impact, Yonex adds a uniquely strong and elastic graphite, called M40X, to the throat. This racquet also features a Vibration Dampening Mesh in the handle for fewer vibrations and a cleaner feel at impact. On groundstrokes the EZONE 98 Tour  not only delivers more stability than the 305 gram version, it still manages to deliver the explosive acceleration required for generating heavy pace.

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